As you know, Texas is home to many different kinds of insects. It’s also home to lots of different kinds of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals – including many species of rodents. When most people think of rodents, they think of mice and rats. Those are two common kinds of rodents found in Texas and the United States, but they are not the only ones. Our Gilmer, Texas pest control team has compiled a list of some of the types of rodents you can find in Texas. Check how many you’ve seen!

Texas Mice

Named for their home state, Texas mice are actually quite rare. They can be found, however, on sandy beaches throughout the state.

Field Mice

Field mice are very common throughout Texas. These intelligent rodents can be found outside in fields and make their way into homes.

Norway Rats

Norway rats can be found along the coasts, anywhere garbage is not securely contained. They are notorious tunnelers and can undermine whole structures with their digging.

Roof Rats

As their name implies, roof rats live near roofs. They can be found in attics, roof spaces, and even trees. These rats can be found in trash cans and in fruit trees.

American Beavers

Beavers, the largest rodents in North America, can be found throughout Texas, though many habitats are found most abundantly in the northeastern part of the state. They are one of the only animal species that actively modify their environments.

Texas Pocket Gophers

Texas pocket gophers are the only pocket gopher found in Texas. They can be found throughout the southeast part of the state.

Flying Squirrel

Flying squirrels can be seen throughout Texas and received their name because of a thin stretch of skin that connects their feet to their hands that gives them the appearance of wings when spread to their full length. Though their name would lead you to believe they can actually fly, they are more able to “sail” through the air than anything else.

Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern gray squirrels, the same squirrels that can be found up and down the southern US border and East Coast, are quite common in Texas.

Mexican Vole

Mexican voles are small, fuzzy rodents that burrow in the forests along the East Coast.

Many Texas Rodents Aren’t Native to Texas

Texas is home to many different invasive species, and many of these invasive species are types of rodent. Some of the rodents listed above, like the roof rat and the field mouse, were introduced to Texas by migrating human populations. Other rodents that accompanied humans to Texas and entrenched themselves in their local ecosystems include:

  • Capybaras;
  • Brown rats;
  • Coypus; and
  • Mexican gray squirrels.

When There’s Mischief in your Home, Call a Gilmer Texas Pest Control Provider

Mice, rats, and other rodents can be cute in cartoons, but they can carry parasites that spread disease and cause serious structural damage to your home. If you recognize signs of a rodent infestation in your home, contact a Gilmer, Texas pest control professional now to set up your initial consultation with us. Our team at Bizzy Bee Pest Solutions is here to keep rodents where they belong – out of your home.