Our planet is home to many, many marvelous creatures. Although your initial reaction to an insect might be to recoil in fear or disgust, there are certain bugs in the world that are interesting, funny, and even beautiful. Every living thing on our planet evolved to fulfill a specific niche in its ecosystem, and sometimes evolution can take some weird directions.

Though our pest control team in Gilmer is typically in the business of exterminating bugs, we love looking at some of our world’s most interesting creatures – on a screen, of course!

Goliath Beetle

One of the largest insects in the world, the goliath beetle can grow to four inches long and weigh up to 3.5 ounces as an adult. They can be found in Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa. They’re big, they’re lazy, and some have found themselves into human households where they’re fed dog and cat food.

Thorn Bugs

Thorn bugs look like thorns on the branches where they rest. They’re brightly colored and sometimes, a thorn bug’s body displays multiple colors in a bright pattern. Thorn bugs can be found in Mexico, Central America, and even in parts of southern Florida.

Australian Walking Stick

The official name for the Australian walking stick is the extatosoma tiaratum, but we think “Australian walking stick” is a catchier moniker. This bug literally looks like what it’s named for: a stick with legs! To hide from predators, they hang out on trees where they blend right in with the branches. When hiding doesn’t work, an Australian walking stick that senses danger gives off a scent that smells like peanut butter.

Scorpion Fly

Is it a scorpion or is it a fly? It’s a fly, but it’s a fly that looks like a scorpion because of its long, curled tail that looks like a scorpion’s stinger. These flies live in the UK, where they can be found in wooded areas and gardens.

Giant Weta

They’re giant alright – though the typical giant weta weighs around 35 grams, the largest one ever captured weighed double that at 70 grams. These big bugs look like a kind of beetle, but they’re actually a type of giant cricket. Giant wetas can be found in New Zealand, where there are 11 distinct species of giant weta. They evolved to be larger than mainland weta species through a phenomenon known as island gigantism.

Weird Insects in your House?

Looking at all the strange and interesting bugs the world has to offer on the internet or in documentaries is fun, but seeing them in your home is quite a different matter. If you’ve got one or more common Texas pests like black widow spiders or termites in your home, call a Gilmer pest control professional to learn more about your extermination options. Our team at Bizzy Bee Pest Solutions can help you get the bugs out of your home for good.