Most are residents are probably aware that a garden represents an attack vector for pests, which prompts a call to a Longview pest control company. Nonetheless, many Longview residents enjoy gardening and pests should not prevent them from engaging in it.

Nowadays, it’s likely you’ve heard about “organic” or “natural” pest control solutions for gardens. Indeed, most people will not go out of their way to spray their flower bed or veggie garden with dangerous pesticides. Nor will they splice the genes of their veggies with disease-resistant bacteria. As it turns out, you don’t really have to. All you need to do is use a little common sense when designing your garden and the area around it.

Organic Pest Control: Does it Really Work?

“Organic pest control” refers to a number of tactics that don’t involve the use of pesticides, insecticides and other types of chemical solutions to the problem. They do work and in many cases, they can be more effective than chemical methods. In other cases, you will find that some combination of insecticides and organic methods work the best to solve the problem.

For those who grow veggies, it’s important to realize that insects like them. They’ve been bred by humans to be soft, delicious, and nutritious. This fact is not lost on insects. The obvious solution to this problem is to avoid vegetables that attract common local pests.

Diversifying Your Foliage

As it turns out, diversification is not just for portfolios. It works for gardens as well. By integrating a number of different kinds of plants into your garden you won’t be attracting an overabundance of one kind of pest. On the other hand, you will be attracting a variety of natural predators that can help do naturally what insecticide does unnaturally.

The reason why farmers need to use insecticides and other forms of pest prevention methods is because they plant massive amounts of the same crop across a large area. This does not lend itself to pest prevention. Other more aggressive methods are necessary.

Row Covers and Other Barriers

Floating row covers are an excellent way to control a number of common pests including aphids, hornworms and more. Of course, these only work in a vegetable garden as it would not make sense to use them in a flower garden.


You can purchase nematodes and introduce them into your garden. They are parasites that release a bacteria that is fatal to many garden pests of the insect variety.

Integrating Insecticides

Insecticides are a part of the process of controlling pests. But some insecticides work on some pests while other insecticides work on others. For soft-bodied pests, insecticidal soap can be used. These work by desiccating the insect’s protective cuticles causing it to die off.

Neem oil is a great way to control leaf-eating pests. Essentially, Neem oil disrupts the insect’s reproductive cycle in a variety of ways. This vastly reduces their population in your garden.

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